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Born Esham Attica Smith on September 20, 1973 in Long Island, New York , [1] [2] [3] Esham grew up splitting time between the Seven Mile neighborhood on the East side of Detroit , [4] where he lived with his mother. He attended Osborn High School , [5] and lived with his grandmother in New York during summers. [3] He studied piano, guitar, and trombone in high school, and listened to artists such as Sugar Hill Gang , Run-DMC , Ozzy Osbourne and Kiss . [3] [4] Esham began to write original lyrics, and was encouraged by his older brother, James H. Smith, to seriously pursue a career in hip hop. According to Esham, "He felt like I had a dope flow, and he thought I could bring something new to the game, just coming from the city of Detroit . Back then, it wasn't really a [rap] music scene in Detroit. Everybody was just imitating what everybody else was doing." [3] In the second grade, Esham met Champtown , who was also an aspiring rapper. The two performed together at open mic events Seafood Bay. [6] In one occurrence, Champtown and Esham were forced to rap for a drug dealer at gunpoint. [6]

Esham Attica Smith (born September 20, 1973), best known by his stage name Esham , is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan known for his hallucinogenic style of ...

Esham - Sacrificial Lambz InstrumentalsEsham - Sacrificial Lambz InstrumentalsEsham - Sacrificial Lambz InstrumentalsEsham - Sacrificial Lambz Instrumentals